9 Ways To Expand Your Business In 2022

9 Ways To Expand Your Business In 2022
Aim to be consistent in 2022 if you want to progress faster.

Here are nine methods to be consistent in 2022:

1. Spend five minutes each morning fine-tuning your schedule to maximize your time. Use this time to reorganize your day so that you are executing your leading activities and not administrative-lagging tasks (see point 4 below). You may also use this time to gather names and numbers for crucial calls (see point 3 below). Do it again the next day before bed. Saving four minutes each day adds up to almost 24 hours per year. What a fantastic day!

2. Review your business plan daily. Like your car’s GPS. When you miss a turn, it just recalculates your path to keep you heading toward your goal. Give yourself five minutes twice a day to review your company plan, identify next steps, and plan their execution.

3. Make 10 sales calls by 10 a.m. This is how to cultivate the seeds of fruitful connections. Do it before 10 a.m., when people are already being pushed and tugged in numerous ways. Get to them while they’re still open. This early in the morning will allow you to accomplish what many of us avoid: prospecting. (While you’re at it, ask for the business again on every call.)

4. Delegate one task every week so you can focus on your own distinctive ability, expertise, or drive that sets you apart. You should spend 80% of your time here. The Corporate Finance Institute has a nice introduction on delegating.

5. Be grateful. Count your blessings (you probably have more than you think) and thank your clients, crew, and suppliers. Kindness spreads. Gratitude may help foster a positive organizational culture and a productive workplace, according to Intelligent Change.

6. Act. Keep that wonderful concept alive by continually moving it forward. Ask for help, conduct some research, talk with your team, and start planning. “You don’t have to be excellent to start,” said Zig Ziglar.

7. Encourage staff to meditate, exercise, or use an anxiety-relieving app. Scheduling this time throughout their day will enhance their motivation and show you are serious about this. Several studies suggest that employees in excellent physical, mental, and emotional health outperform those in poor health.

8. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes for yourself. Step away from the internet, put down your phone, and relax. Better still, go for a little block stroll. But leave the phone at home. According to a Psychology Today research, such breaks can boost creativity and productivity.

9. Finally, search for and enjoy the happy times. To discover joy at work, see the Harvard Business Review (registration needed). Take that mentality home. After supper, play a board game with your family. Consistently finding delight in small things is part of being consistent.

Many individuals start the year with a slew of resolutions. But when excellent intentions don’t provide instant results, they swiftly fade. That’s not how you succeed. Consistency, the execution of primary actions required to improve your business (and yourself), compounding productivity into something spectacular. Don’t let erratic times bother you. Keep going, one tiny step at a time. This can get you there!