Trends in Business and Growth 2022

As we approached 2021, the most hopeful among us anticipated that Covid would be a distant memory by now. Not only is it abundantly evident that we are not living in the “post-Covid age,” but it is increasingly likely that we are not even living in the “pre-post-Covid era.”

Now, as we approach 2022, the impact of Covid and everything it included continues to loom big – a worldwide health catastrophe, crippled supply networks, and entire sectors in distress. Covid has remained a catalyst for tendencies that would have taken longer to unfold in the absence of Covid.

Perhaps the most concerning of these tendencies is society’s divisiveness. Numerous nations claim more divisions today than at any point in history, and some of these divisions have proved fatal. As a consequence, commercial clichés about “we’re all in this together” fall hollow as consumers take positions on crucial subjects such as immunizations. We delve a little deeper into this with Heather Watson, the North American leader of our Behavioral Science Practice.

Meanwhile, supply chain disruptions, which have forced many brands to consider new product positioning and direct-to-consumer strategies for the first time, continue to wreak economic havoc, and as Clare Brody – Global Consulting Director – observes, lofty brand promises mean little if customers cannot obtain your products.

Speaking of speaking the talk, the days of broad promises to sustainability are drawing to a conclusion, as more businesses respond to public and regulatory pressure to adopt policies at the local level – where they can truly make a difference.

Will Covid’s long-term influence permanently transform us all into virtual beings? Businesses and investors investing billions into the Metaverse believe this is the case. Is it the fulfillment of “Ready Player One,” or is it just another Second Life for ruined companies in the horizon? In either case, Marina Lindsay-Brown of our Growth Insights, Trends, and Futuring Practice asserts that the next phase of the internet world will have a permanent influence on every part of life as we know it, and companies who ignore it will do so at their risk.

Laurie Close, a consultant in the United Kingdom, and Cesar Holguin, Mexico’s Chief Strategy Officer, debate whether the big resignation will be proven to be true or false. However, what is obvious is that an increasing number of millennials, and eventually Gen Z’ers, will disrupt the workforce at all levels, and we see that the majority of businesses are ill-equipped to attract and keep them. While more firms will go outside themselves to gain a better understanding of employee motivations, we will see an increase in organizations altering their organizations and business processes via an Adaptive Business lens. This will be particularly true in the B2B arena, as Global Consulting Partner Michael Lombardi points out when discussing some of the significant corporate development prospects that may be uncovered through adaptation.

We anticipate a significant change in 2022, but we want to show the crucial activities companies may take to navigate these difficult times effectively. We want to provide some light on the process of navigating these new realities.