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Well, at least that is what his wife of 31 years might say, hopefully. Deep down, every man thinks he is the best-looking man, period.

Denny married his high school sweet-heart and promptly moved her to the sought-after weather in Panora, Iowa. As you can imagine, she was NOT impressed at having moved from the metropolis of Columbus, OH.

To make matters worse, their second child was literally born in an Iowa snowstorm that shut down the state for three days. The only reason he wasn't born on the side of the road in a Dodge 4x4 was because the state of Iowa DOT was notified, and they plowed the 30 miles of road ahead of us on the way to Des Moines. Of course, he was born early, so no overnight bag was packed, and Denny had to wear the same clothes for three days because he was snowed in at the hospital.
The wife was not impressed with the Iowa weather extremes, and within six months we were living in the Tampa, FL, area. This turned out to be the best move for the family. Sunshine all year round. No snow. But the hurricanes… that is another story.

In all seriousness, Denny’s passion is to work with businesses of all sizes. The best part or each day is working with business owners to increase their sales and dominate their local markets. This is done by various methods, including on-line domination. If he can rank for the Best Looking Man in Tampa, then imagine what he could do for your business.

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