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Absolutely Elite is a partner and certified re-seller of Nearby Now. It doesn’t matter if you are a one man show or a franchise with 100+ locations, Nearby Now helps you dominate in your local market by generating leads and controlling your online reputation. 

Nearby Now is a powerful platform that manages staff check-ins for Local SEO and customer reviews. This will sky rocket your website to the top of search engines for all sorts of relevant searches in your service area!

Positive Reviews – Let’s get you more of them… Any study will tell you the absolute best time to ask for a review is while you’re there in front of your customer finishing the job. Nearby Now lets you ask for it and automates the entire process for you. Simply enter your customer’s name and email or cell phone number and the system handles it from there. It is so easy that our clients average more than a 40% review response rate. (What other review platform can say that?)

Dominate Local SEO

Integrates with your website easily and the app provides dynamic content benefitting your local search rankings. Every time a team member checks in the system drops a pin out in your service area. Checkins describe what your company did, why it is great, and can also include a photo or a video. This creates local relevancy where your customers and prospects are giving your website better rankings in the cities and neighborhoods that matter most.

Simple To Use

One touch app for Android, iOS, or mobile web that let’s you describe every job you perform and serve a customer. Easily add photos and videos to your check ins. Enter your customer’s name and number to automatically ask for a review. Share your reviews and check ins to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and more

Competitive Team?

The team leaderboard allows you to challenge your team to get the most reviews. View rankings daily, weekly, and on a monthly basis from the app. The live team map keeps you up to date on the last checkin and location from every member of your team. Administrators can log into the dashboard and check in as any team member while still uploading photos or videos and requesting a review from your customer.

Reporting in Real-Time

Schedule, save, and share comprehensive real-time reports for reviews, team leaders, check ins, team activity, city activity, site traffic, and customer information.

Who Owns The Data? Nearby Now does not hold your data and customer information hostage. You own the data that Nearby Now helps you create. At any time you can export any or all of your information. You’ll stay with Us because of our results, not because you have to!

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